2020 was a strange year all round. Here are 10 games that kept me sane-ish.

1. Sekiro (10)

Tough as nails, but never unfairly so. Possibly my favourite soulsborne. Some bad language was used during the playing of this game.

In a word: Intense

2. Super Mario Galaxy (10)

A 13-year-old game coming in at number 2? That’s right. The level design and over all fun factor was just that good. Snap up this remastering if, like me, you missed it first time around!

In a word: Escapism

3. Astral Chain (10)

Quirky, innovative, action-packed and probably the game on this list I’m most likely to go back to.

In a word: Slick

4. Death Stranding (10)

This was my game of the lockdown. An apocalypse within for an apocalypse without. Weirdly brilliant.

In a word: Freakish

5. To the Moon (9)

This point and click adventure impressed me with excellent storytelling, a beautiful score, and a few sucker punches right in the feels.

In a word: Emotional

6. Fire Emblem, 3 Houses (9)

If Persona 5 and Hogwarts had a baby, it might look something like this. Great characters, cosy setting and strategical combat.

In a word: Relationships

7. Dragon Quest XI (9)

This game made me feel happy, even if the music did eventually plague my nightmares. Sporting a post-credits continuation of the story, longer than most games, I’ve the feeling that I only touched on about half of the things there were to do.

In a word: Massive

8. The Touryst (8)

This pixelated island-hopping adventure came along in the summer and scratched the travel itch I could not sate. Fun exploration, colourful locales and varied mini-games kept this short game fresh.

In a word: Exotic

9. A Short Hike (8)

Short, simple, sweet. Should be mandatory to play after a hard day at work. Plus, beach-stick ball! That’s all. Enjoy!

In a word: Soothing

10. The Last Campfire (8)

With a fairy tale atmosphere, a touching, sometimes morbid story, and satisfying puzzles, this short game oozed with charm.

In a word: Wistful