Balagir’s Journey

Awake and heed the piper

When Balagir awakens at a fire with no recollection of his past, he discovers he is an ashen—a mysterious group of black-eyed vagabonds, addicted to the smoke they must pay the ghostly piper in exchange for power.

With the help of a sentient spark and a band of nefarious companions, Balagir will have to traverse the northern wilds, cross seas and survive foreign wars if he is to discover the truth behind the Ashen Levels.

Perfect for readers who enjoy dark and epic fantasy, with elements of progression fantasy, mystery and folklore.

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Epic Fantasy Fanatics

Readers Choice Awards 2019

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Fantasy Focus

Top 5 Books 2019

“Best fantasy I’ve read in a long while. Had me pacing afterwards because I was just flabbergasted. How many books can you say that about?”

– E.G. Stone




C. F. Welburn

Narrated by 

Jez Jameson



When Oben’s farm is sacked by barbarians, he journeys into the godless north on a deadly quest for revenge.

But his enemies are full of surprises, and his endurance and faith are pushed to their limits.

He becomes an unwitting pawn in their ancient prophecy; one which predicts he will deliver his homeland into their hands.

If Oben is to see his family again, he must prove the prophecy wrong, whilst exacting vengeance on a people to whom he grows ever more bound.


About C.F. Welburn

Craig Farndale Welburn is an award-winning author for his series: The Ashen Levels.

He was born in the year of Star Wars, in the birth town of Charles Darwin, and caught the fantasy bug as a child at the top of a faraway tree, in a hole in the ground and through a snowy wardrobe.

He left Shropshire to study literature, travel the lands and seek his fortune. (He’s still seeking…)

He lives in Madrid with his wife Jessica and son Otis.

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